Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Global Integrity is looking for critical voices in Rwanda

Last year, I worked with Global Integrity on its 2009 country report for Rwanda.

They are now asking for the names of academics, journalists and other stakeholders in the fight against corruption in Rwanda for a May 2010 meeting with Rwanda's Governance Advisory Council. You can learn more about their workshops at: http://commons.wikispaces.com/

I question the timing of the workshop, and the implicit support it provides to the government when it should be disciplined for its continued (and heightened) repression. Nonetheless, it is still going to happen.

Can anyone recommend interested and critical voices that would be willing to attend such a workshop in Kigali? Given that the government is allergic to criticism and any academic, journalist, etc that you would like to talk to is likely living abroad.

I ask anyway, in hopes that some "ibipinga" might step forward!


  1. Try to get them to invite Victoire Ingabire or any other member of the "illegal" opposition.

    Can non-academics attend this workshop?

  2. Thank you for raising these concerns around timing, etc -- we hear you. We are also very concerned with questions of inclusion and self-censorship.

    Jonathan at Global Integrity

  3. @anon - yes. Give us a shout at info@globalintegrity.org for details.