Friday, November 25, 2011

Rice has Left, the Round Up Begins?

From the RNC Africa Chapter Facebook page. My comments are in [square brackets]

Breaking News. Early hours of this morning [25 November, following the departure of American Ambassador Susan Rice], the suburbs of the capital City of Rwanda, Kigali, residents were woken up by soldiers and police deployed by the defense minister James Kabarebe and his boss President of Rwanda Paul Kagame. The deployment of more that 2000 soldiers and policemen took place mid night in suburbs mostly habituated by Hutus and Moderate Tutsis [are there areas where government opponents congregate?], whom the government rebelled “ Bagati Mujisho”. The term “ Bagati Mujisho” refers to people who don’t side with government’s ideals. “We don’t know what police are searching for, but the fabricated roomers are that people are hiding Rwanda National Congress operatives as well as ammunition in their houses” said Mukanoheri. This comes after the visit of the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Susan E. Rice. In her speech, at the Kigali Institute of Technology, she said “Yet, the political culture in Rwanda remains comparatively closed. Press restrictions persist. Civil society activists, journalists, and political opponents of the government often fear organizing peacefully and speaking out. Some have been harassed. Some have been intimidated by late-night callers. Some have simply disappeared” You can tell the fear in the eyes of the people in the street. “We are not certain of what might happen tomorrow. People are kept in the dark, we are treated like animals”. Said Vicent Kimenyi as he was boarding a taxi for work in Nyamirambo tax rank. Stay tuned as more and more stories keeping coming in. Uwera – Kigali-Rwanda.

[Can anyone corroborate this account?]

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