Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sarkozy and Kagame, part II

I guess that France's President Sarkozy did not raise issues of democratic freedom, human rights and social justice with President Kagame.

It is a good thing that the wife of the former President of Rwanda Habyariama has been arrested. See the BBC article here. It is also a sad commentary on how diplomatic relations work and speaks to the colonial legacy of how France does business in Africa.

I hope there was some democratic carrot with this stick of justice.

The question now is whether Mrs. Habyarimana will be extradited to Rwanda. We'll all have to wait and see....

1 comment:

  1. I too applaud mme Habyarimana's arrest. I think the arrest could help shed more light on her husband's death. However, no independent judiciary is seeking her--just the government of Rwanda.

    Hence, I see the arrest of mme Habyarimana is cheap political witch hunt. Even her brother, Zigiranyirazo, the said genocide mastermind was acquitted by the Arusha court. Only in a Rwandan court, would these people be found guilty.

    Again, France is gambling politics with people's lives. I agree, it is the colonial mentality. Although not entirely in this case. Kagame has the last laugh.