Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kagame and Sarkozy

I am unimpressed with the little bit of news I am seeing and hearing about Sarkozy's diplomatic visit to Kigali. The Jurist wrote the most complete reporting that I have seen so far.

Yes, it is important that genocide organisers living in France be brought to book.

But have Kagame and Sarzoky discussed the current socio-political climate? It is all well and good to acknowledge the failures of France during the 1994 genocide. It is equally, if not more important, to ask Kagame to account for the current actions of his government in silencing political opposition through intimidation, harassment and detention; the harnessing of the media through threats and persecution; and the co-optation of civil society.

The prevailing social insecurity, economic inequalities and centralisation of political power are ripe for violence and are strikingly similar to the conditions that proceeded the 1994 genocide.


  1. Susan,

    I too was sickened by the “emptiness” of Sarkozy's visit. But then, how can we expect policy from a public relation exercise? It was the darkest irony to watch monsieur Srykozy standing next to a fugitive of his country's justice system. A man suspected for the murder of French citizens.

    According to the little that I heard (very little comes out of Kigali), the French want to restore their position in the region with the focus on Congolese minerals. Blinded by the greed for natural resources, expect nothing about human rights. Well, unless the “businesses plan” changes.

  2. The statements against Kagame have been retracted, as I am sure you know. On the other hand someone who almost certainly was responsible for planning the killing of French citizens has just been arrested....

  3. Mr. Anonymous,

    I could care less whether Mme Habyarimana is arrested or not. I know that she is guaranteed a fair trial in Rwanda. Something very uncommon in Kagame's kingdom.

    Besides, this might help us know for sure whether she planned her husband's death as Kagame alleges.

  4. I meant to say that she would be accorded a fair trial in France. Not in Rwanda.

  5. I am sickened to by Sarkozy is he a real french or somebody from somewhere else that is why he doesnt care about french reputation. now he has sold france to britain and USA now the french is gone in Africa and Madagascar has voted to use english in his watch can anyone tell me if all french people are agreeing with sarkozy.I hope he is not voted back into presidency after his term coz he is too greedy