Thursday, February 25, 2010

Noel Twagiramungu speaks on World Focus

Anyone interested in Rwanda should listen to this conversation between Stephen Kinzer and Noel Twagiramungu:

I critise Kinzer's book as one to be read so interested analysts should read to be able to argue against it. I made two reviews, one in the African Studies Review, and in the Canadian Journal of International Affairs.

Martin Savidge, the moderator, is totally uninformed about Rwanda and the regional politics of the Great Lakes Region. This is evidenced right off the bat as he asks Stephen Kinzer to recount Rwandan history. It is downhill from there as Kinzer is apologist for Kagame's authoritarian tendencies....

That is my take on it; listen for yourself and see what you think.



  2. If Steven Kinzer is an apologist for Kagame's authoritarian tendencies.... then what are you?
    I think you lack the moral authority to brand any one apologist cause you too look like one in many eyes of Rwandans.
    Reason we don't take you serious is because people like you hardly matter in our lives any more.

  3. Stephen Kinzer explains Rwanda's politics of "never again" pretty well.

  4. you are not alone btw

  5. I wouldn't worry too much about Mukiza's threatening reaction on “Noel Twagiramungu speaks on World Focus”. Other than trying to seek attention, he adds nothing of substance to the discussion above. Search every website under the sun and you'll find his presence, with his usual trademark apologetics.

    Susan, I am grateful for your writings. In this age of fanatical intolerance, typical of the Rwandan regime, your writings give voice to millions of Rwandans who under the yoke of oppression. It is therefore, no wonder that, those benefitting from the dictatorship will always regard you as an enemy.

    While there is a big price to pay for "swimming against the tide", we will certainly and always remember you for your incorruptible courage. Perhaps you can be for us what madame Allison Des Forge was in 1994.


    Nkunda Rwanda

    P.s (Can't disclose my name for fear that they will classify me as a genocide denier. When will this painful game end?)

  6. BTW, lest I fall into Mukiza's trap, I should mention that I found the debate to be rather encouraging. Kinzer's opinion is necessary so that the rest of us can laugh at how silly he is. In addition, it helps put into perspective the near fanatical support that Kagame receives from the West. Could it be that these policy makers are as poorly informed as Kinzer is or are they relying on his book for policy direction.

    In any case, my own view is that policy makers in the west have deliberately chosen to side with a dictator. BTW, this seems to be the trend in mpst poor countries.

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  8. Nkunda Rwanda one day this will end dont worry they have marketed genocide enough to eat for years but dont forget that God is the one who puts regimes and removes them so Kagames rule is not as strong as Mobutus or ALENDRE LE GRAND now he is ruling because he sacrificed his people for his own end but the but truth is coming up day by day and his own peope are fed up with him.what I want ais a rule of both hutus and tutsis in Rwanda so it is a time when we shall have a hutu tutsi political party that will end all this nonsense. otherwise they are eager to brand hutus genocidaires hahahaha its a shame forgetting how some hutus hid them but anywhere the clear hinddrances of democracy in Rwanda is not Kagame is people like Kinzer, UK n USA..China is taking over now becoming the superpower so that america stops policing the world