Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ingando re-education camps

My analyses on post-genocide Rwanda are in part informed by my own experiences in being re-educated by the government after it stopped my doctoral research in 2006. I write about my Ingando re-education experience for a forthcoming volume in honour of Alison Des Forges. The pre-publication English version is available here; a French-language translation of the same chapter is available here. Thanks to the translator!

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  1. Hello Susan,

    Wow! Good Job! It's not many muzungu who could come to such conclusion of Ingando or life of rwandans in actual Rwanda. Nkukuriye ingofero! The problem is how do we move on to the next step. With such information you should do something bigger to help those people you have left in miserable life.
    And Please educate those Canadians such as Jackie Jura who claims to be a journalist and who calls everyone who is not pro-Kagame a genocidaire. I think she will call you genocidaire too.
    Also, I want to mention that when you said the name of the people such Antoine or chemstry teacher , I hope you are understanding that in Rwanda it's very easy to find such person! So please think before you write the exact name or what they do! I am sure they are i´n trouble now!

    May God be with you and keep your eyes open ! In Rwanda we usually say to our kids to understand * URURO N'ICYATSI*
    Imana i kurinde!