Sunday, February 21, 2010

UDF Platform

I posted earlier this week that I did not know enough about the UDF's policies. A reader of this blog posted the party's political platform (available here).

I want to state for the record that I am impressed by the UDF's political aspirations. Particularly its stance on foreign relations, agricultural policy and reconciliation.

Let's hope the party gets a chance to show its mettle and we can test its policies in an open political space rather than the current climate of fear and intimidation that seems to be reigning in Rwanda at the moment


  1. "Education.....present education system is elitist....more resources to people from disadvantaged backgrounds...we will promote compulsory education to the age of 19...shall provide professional and technical training to at least 70% of 18 year olds"

    The govt has moved resources from top university students (who previously studied free) to introduce P7 to P9 which is free. How is this elitist or not to the benefit of those from disadvantaged backgrounds? It is the opposite.

    Compulsory education to 19, are they serious? What might be needed is more vocational training places for P9 graduates. And what other countries make you stay at school until 19 and what would such graduates do in Rwanda?

    Vision 2020 proposes that the %age in agriculture reduces from 90% to 50%. That is radical enough. But 70% will have professional or technical training will they? It looks unrealistic and probably unfundable. Holding out unrealistic hope to people is that it?

  2. And here is one of the better pieces commenting upon Ingabire's proposed candidacy:-